How Lox reached market leaders through business development

Suxeed has played a key role in our commercial growth: quality, efficiency, and consistency are three words that represent their work method and the results that follow. If you want to boost your sales, this is the agency for you!

Anna Rouleau, COO Lox Solution

Quick look

  • Business : B2B SaaS
  • Market : E-commerce
  • Need : Product launch (SaaS software)
  • Target : 10 qualified meetings per month
  • Results : Up to 28 appointments a month and several closings (including the company’s largest contracts)

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The company

Lox is a European no-code platform that allows e-retailers to automatically check shipping invoices and optimize delivery costs using artificial intelligence.

The challenge

Suxeed worked with Lox to set up an outbound B2B prospecting program and meet their business development needs. The goal ? Develop sales within the target : medium and large accounts in french E-commerce. The product being mature and the first customers settled, it became a priority to go and find new customers massively, as well as to approach larger prospects, such as the leaders of the French E-commerce.

The solution

In order to achieve these goals, we implemented dedicated go-to-market, targeting and evaluation strategies. To build these strategies, we translated Lox’s vision into a clear conquest strategy and a powerful sales message that will resonate with their target. 

We then built the “sales playbook”, summarizing all the information about Lox and the main selling points. It contains custom email templates and sequences, call scripts, best answers to prospect objections and a qualification script to help discover needs. 

This playbook is given to the BDR. With years of experience in B2B phone hunting, they love their work and are driven by their determination and their desire to excel. Full-time dedicated to Lox and educated on the market, they quickly mastered the product and adopted an expert approach. With the help of the best prospecting softwares and the playbook, they were able to implement the strategy developed earlier without wasting time, and make several hundred calls a day for more results.

In order to allow BDR to stay focused on the calls, we have generated their leads, managed their email sequences and automated repetitive tasks. We have created a list of qualified leads in agreement with the criteria established upstream with Lox, and enriched it with phone contacts, emails, and other important data.

The results

Lox results through business development

Through effective business development with Suxeed, Lox has been able to meet with many large players in their market, such as the following companies:

Our conclusion

Our collaboration with Lox allowed us to prove that even for a company in early stage development, it is possible to target the largest companies in the industry, connect with decision makers and generate qualified leads. When the implemented strategy is coherent and the product is in line with the need, deals move fast and can quickly lead to revenues.

Unlike telemarketing, the implementation of a multi-channel business development strategy (emailing, phoning, calling) can bring real results in B2B commercial prospecting, regardless of the market penetration rate.

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