The secrets of B2B lead gen with The Galion Project – Suxeed Replay #1

The secrets of B2B lead gen

In July 2021, our CEO Ephraïm Bismuth, ex HEC and expert in B2B SaaS sales, had the opportunity to speak live to The Galion Project, alongside Guillaume Laporte, the CEO of Mindsay, on the topic of B2B lead gen.

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The Galion project, founded in 2015, brings together over 400 tech entrepreneurs around a common vision : to turn France and Europe into the most attractive ecosystem in the world for entrepreneurs.

The secrets of B2B lead gen

The talk focused on B2B lead gen, and more specifically on outbound sales strategies in B2B SaaS. Ephraim was able to share his expertise by explaining how to translate a product market fit into a real B2B lead gen strategy, taking in all the steps of the process : research, calls, prospecting, lead qualification, demo, closing…

The CEOs who attended were given the opportunity to learn more about the following topics:

  • The mathematical formula behind business development
  • Creating an effective target list
  • Finding the right sales message
  • Managing the lead handover between BDR and Account Executive
  • Paying your BDRs well for better results
  • Misconceptions about the B2B sales demo
  • The rules of cold calling
  • The rules of emailing
  • Hiring the best Business Developer profiles

Find Ephraim’s full slideshow here : B2B Outbound Sales Recipe

You have questions on one of the topics discussed during the live session or in the presentation? You want to know how to adapt B2B lead gen to your company and win more market shares? Write to our CEO Ephraïm Bismuth !

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