6 reasons to outsource sales prospecting

Outsource sales prospecting

As we have seen in previous articles, setting up a dedicated team of Outbound Business Developers to generate qualified leads for your sales representatives is an effective model to generate high growth.

Your first instinct would therefore be to set up an in-house BDR team for your company. However, this may not be the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your company! In this article, we will look at why choosing to outsource sales prospecting is a viable and profitable solution for your business.

1. Outsource sales prospecting to stabilise your pipeline

Business development is a repeatable, manageable and scalable growth model, which produces a constant flow of opportunities, a stable pipeline. However, the turnover of Business Developers is high, and each time a BDR leaves, the stability of the pipe is affected. Departures are unpredictable, and it can take two to three months to replace a BDR, plus two, three months before the new profile reaches the same level of performance, which can cause a considerable hole in the pipeline, and therefore in the company’s revenue.

The market is in constant motion and BDRs do not stay on the job long. Unexpected departures and gaps in the pipeline are a real loss of income, in addition to recruitment and training costs.

By deciding to outsource sales prospecting to Suxeed, you secure a pool of excellent profiles ready to start fast, allowing you to start your business engine in less time than it takes to say. In addition, our onboarding and continuous training system is organised in such a way as to reach a performance threshold very quickly, so that you don’t experience any gaps in your pipeline.

2. Outsource sales prospecting to control your costs

The high turnover of RDBs represents a significant financial cost for your company as well. According to Adecco, the average cost of replacing an employee comes to 20% of their annual salary. Attracting the right talents to your company is not easy and the recruitment costs and the long interview process can end up being expensive! Moreover, each new profile requires a period of training before they reach the expected level of performance. Training also represents a significant cost, including the use of the manager’s time.

By deciding to outsource sales prospecting to Suxeed, you are assured of a fixed cost, no matter what. Our team is dedicated to training and coaching BDRs, so that your company does not waste time or money.

3. Outsource sales prospecting to raise the level of your talents

When you hire by yourself, the volume of profiles sought is limited. It implies that the investments made in the recruitment, training, salary and equipment of these profiles are also limited.

At Suxeed, hiring the best talents is part of our expertise! To hire three BDRs, we meet with 200, and we select only the best. In addition, the larger and more structured the business development team, the more attractive it will be to talents. The best profiles will rather join Suxeed, where they will be part of a real team, where the BDRs are the focus and the salary is more attractive than joining a team of two or three BDRs who are isolated and forgotten.

We provide our BDRs with the best softwares, quality training, competitive salaries and already made listings so that they only have one concern : bring back a maximum of qualified meetings for our clients. We treat them like pros, so pros work for us.

4. Outsource sales prospecting to put energy back in your work

The BDR job is a difficult one: Business Developers are faced with failure and rejection every day. That’s why mindset and energy are vital to continue to seek out new meetings for clients every day.

At Suxeed, the sales floor is worthy of The Wolf of Wall Street, with electric energy, laughter, and an atmosphere that encourages challenge and mutual support. Instead of having two or three isolated BDRs, your BDRs will benefit from being part of a real team with all the advantages that it entails : emulation, competition, exchange of best practices, energy… which leads to better results and a longer life span of the profiles!

5. Outsource sales prospecting to benefit from true expertise

Hiring good BDR profiles is not enough! The rest of the line must also be mastered: processes, hiring methods, training, tools and software, etc. By choosing to outsource sales prospecting, especially with a partner like Suxeed, you benefit from real expertise, allowing you to learn best practices and improve your knowledge of the business. We work as a white label solution and with full transparency on our processes, as if we were doing it for ourselves, and as your own employees!

6. Outsource sales prospecting to hire the best profiles

As we saw earlier, turnover among BDRs is high. After their time as a Business Developer, many talented profiles want to move up the ladder and tackle the entire sales cycle. These profiles can make excellent junior Account Executives for your company. They have already become familiar with your brand and have spent several months selling your product.

Deciding to outsource sales prospecting to Suxeed allows you to take advantage of the possibility of hiring first these BDR profiles at the end of their contract, ensuring that you are well positioned to make an offer to a profile whose skills you already know.

Benefit of choosing to outsource sales prospecting

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