Generate 50M€ of pipeline with Uptoo – Suxeed Replay #3

Generate sales pipeline

In October 2022, our CEO Ephraïm Bismuth, ex HEC et B2B SaaS sales expert, was given the opportunity to take part in Uptoo‘s podcast Vive La Vente, held by Julien Lesueur, associate director of Uptoo, on the topic of B2B sales pipeline.

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Uptoo, founded in 2005, helps business owners to strengthen and modernise their sales force by assisting them in recruiting profiles, evaluating and training existing teams, and implementing processes, tools and innovative sales methods.

Generate 50M€ of B2B pipeline

The exchanges were centered around B2B sales pipeline and Suxeed’s value proposition. Ephraim was able to share his expertise and give an overview of the sales industry in France, including many important concepts, such as sales culture, mindset, go-to-market strategy, scaling strategies, sales playbook, and many others.

Listeners have the opportunity to learn more about the following topics :

  • Sales culture in France
  • The right sales mindset
  • Working on your mindset to perform
  • Suxeed’s sales organisation
  • Suxeed sales culture
  • The best acquisition channel in B2B
  • Building your go-to-market strategy
  • Scaling your business from €1M to €10M, then from €10M to €100M
  • Creating the sales playbook
  • Training your BDRs

Find the full episode of the “Vive La Vente” podcast here !

Do you have questions about any of the topics discussed during the live session or in the presentation? Do you want to know how to adapt sales prospecting to your company and conquer more market share? Write to our CEO Ephraïm Bismuth !

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