Why you need a strong mindset in B2B sales

mindset in b2b sales

Having a strong mindset in B2B sales is essential to success. Sales, like many other professions, can be taught! No need to be born a salesperson, you can become one. That said, whether you are born with a predisposition for sales or not, it is impossible to succeed without a strong mindset. In sales, as in high-level sport, talent is less important than mental focus and hard work!

The value of good mindset in B2B sales

Sales: facing rejection

In prospecting, rejection is part of everyday life, even for the best salespeople! Knowing how to deal with rejection while maintaining confidence and positivity is therefore essential. Resilience alone, without all-consuming energy and confidence, will not be enough and “taking the blows” without flinching is not the answer. What you really need is to have confidence and the ability to keep fighting despite the opponent’s punches. This is only achieved by strengthening one’ s mindset in B2B sales.

Rejection, however, is hard for everyone to accept. It is only human nature to look for recognition and judgement in the eyes of others. Prospecting is the boxing of business: you have to take the blows thrown at you by your prospects without being affected, and answer with a smile, energy, enthusiasm and humour in return. A real achievement, which explains why it is so important to develop your mindset in B2B sales.

Sales: failing often

In B2B, even a good outbound salesperson converts only 15% to 30% of cold prospects into qualified and interested leads, depending on the industry and contract size. In 70% to 85% of all cases, even an excellent salesperson will fail. And that, despite the knowledge, mindset, techniques and preparation of the Business Developer.

The possibility of constant failure despite the efforts made, makes prospecting mentally draining for the wrong person. A good BDR should not lose confidence in their abilities, even when after years of experience they still fail 80% of the time. In order to maintain confidence in their abilities, the BDR will therefore have to develop a real mindset in B2B sales.

Sales: never really finishing

In prospecting, the meters always start over from scratch. Every day, every week, every month, every quarter, the results are erased, and the race begins again. The Business Developer never reaches their destination, as soon as they have achieved or exceeded their objectives, they start again from scratch.

It is therefore essential for BDRs to maintain a strong mindset in B2B sales, despite the results that may have been achieved previously. You can’t wallow in your success because you’ve never really succeeded!

Prospecting is the top sport of the business world! The day Messie is no longer a football genius, he is no longer Messie. The day Nadal no longer wins Roland Garros, he is no longer Nadal. The day a BDR no longer performs in sales, they are no longer a good BDR. It is therefore better, like athletes, to develop a strong, resilient mindset, ready for any challenge, and tireless over time.

Why pick a career in sales?

Despite the complexity of the sales profession, it remains an excellent career choice and a real school of life for those who are eager to succeed and surpass themselves. In life, as in business, success does not come without effort and dedication, no matter where you come from, what your plans are or what your wishes are. Sales prospecting allows you to develop this mindset in B2B sales which will be applicable to many other aspects of your daily life.

Knowing how to deal with constant rejection, being insensitive to the judgement of others, being resilient in the face of failure, knowing how to articulate a clear and convincing speech, developing one’s ability to listen and one’s critical mind… all these useful everyday skills are developed through prospecting! Success in the broadest sense is a process, not a destination. As in sales, you are never really done.

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